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Welcome to the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, Chapter #171.  All brands of motorcycle are welcome!

The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is a free, family-oriented motorcycle riding club that uses the web to communicate and focuses on the enjoyment and fellowship of riding motorcycles while doing so safely.  With safety in mind, all SCRC Chapter #171 rides are alcohol-free for the duration of the ride. 

Though most of our rides will be local, the SCRC is involved with charity fund raising rides, long distance rides, overnighters and club dinner rides, and of course the unknown rides which may lead us anywhere.

The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is for everyone who enjoys riding with a club, and our club policies are very simple.

  • No dues or fees
  • You do not have to show up at all club events
  • All makes and models of motorcycles are welcome

However, we do ask a few things from our members:

  • Always ride safe
  • Don't give the club a bad name
  • Support your club and chapter through participation and a positive attitude



Recent newsletter

BigBoarBBQ ride review
Posted: 10/12/2015

I first heard of BBBBQ when I went to the MMR in July. They set up their trailer and sold pulled pork sandwiches on the night I was there....I thought it was awesome, and knew that we had to go to their store for a full dinner.

I was not disappointed with the food or service at all. 

Kind of an unusual start to the ride, I was in Wabasha already for breakfast, so Owen and Nick met me there about 11. Off we went, taking D to B, etc and so on. Sunny and warm, gentle breezes. 

Of course there was some road killed critters, some cats, skunks, oppossums, deer, coons., squirrels, etc. Lots of gravel on the roads, Some corn and some beans as well. More on the gravel later. 

The trees and their leaves. Wow. You might think that you could go to the paint store and buy those colours....but you can't. There's something about them....a row of maples, where one will still be green, the next will be yellow, the next is gold, the next is orange, the next is red, the next is rust, the next is brown and the next one is naked. Theer is definately a synergy to the trees and leaves, where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts....because they're just trees and leaves, but in October on a sunny warm breezy day, they're magic.

Speaking of about the smells of autumn? Hay, skunk, corn, soybeans, diesel exhaust, manure spreader, hot brakes, silage....

We got to Ettrick and turned right on D, and wound up in Whitehall again. It wasn't a total waste of time, as we saw a frac sand mine. But it delayed lunch by at least half an hour, and nearly wrecked Owen. See, a deer came running out of the field, which was brown (both the field and deer....). Owen has good reflexes and hit the brakes when appropriate then cranked the throttle when more appropriate, missing the damn deer. Nick was far enough back so he saw the whole thing, but did not have a close encounter with THAT deer. Turns out his was before that, but was slightly less dramatic.

You've been thru the Mindoro cut, right So once we made it back to Ettrick and turned left on D, but then missed W, but found 108 anyway, we caught up to a HD, and chased them thru the cut and down the otherside. How I was the only one to hit that patch of gravel I don't know, but it's a sick kind of feeling when the bike is leaned over and kind of skidding towards the guardrail. But the Goldwing is an awesome bike even when the rider isn' we survived to ride another day. 

Lunch was great. The pulled pork, the ribs, the baked beans, the fries, all fabulous. I thought the sauce was a little sweet, but it did have decent spice. Service was pretty fast, the restroom adequate. They have designated motorcycle parking out front.

Going back to Wabasha took a little less time, even though we had to follow a pickup pulling a wagon thru Arcadia. Speaking of Arcadia....have you seen the overlooks south of town on 95? WOW. I would have stopped for a picture, but the camera phone just would not have done it justice. Plus I wanted to be back by 5ish. We met a sheriff car running hot right at 88, but he didn't bother us.

We followed a group of old stinky cars back to Nelson/'d think they'd tune them up when the restore them, huh?  It was a great ride, I had a lot of fun. About 330 miles. I'm ready to go again.....

2015 Riding season
Posted: 3/29/2015

Friends, the 2015 riding season is upon us. Oh, sure, as of press time, there is still snow on the ground and some salt and sand on the roads. Don't let that stop you from getting your bike out and ready.

Plan a few rides, evening dinner rides, short weekend rides, long weekend rides, entire weekend rides. Weeklong, month long? Sure. plan and post it. If you need help planning or posting or leading a ride, just ask, there's lots of folks here that can help you. Owen, Val, Steve, Julie, Lynnn or I would be glad you asked....

We have different documents that can help...from the ride waivers, to ride posting templates, ride leader guidelines. We also have documents that show you how to be a better group rider, with hand signal illustrations, all the information you need to fit in. 

Pitch in, help us, contribute. It'll help us make the club even better. 

thanks, Mick

Hickory Park BBQ ride review 9/7/13
Posted: 9/7/2013

This ride is a devaition from what we normally do: journey rides vs a destination ride.  OH, sure, we may pick a lunch stop and work around it, but to pick a lunch stop and zoom directly there is very unuaual for us.  But we try to accommodate all folks, and switch things up.

Since it's a great place, very popular, they fill up early and fast, so we left early, with the intention of arriving before 11.  We gassed up at Kwik Trip 48 St SW pre ride and picked up the Sass' in Stewartville, taking county 6 to I90.  We took it easy, stopping in Albert Lea for a break at 8, meeting Terry/Trouble1 there.  It had rained between Dexter and Albert Lea, the road was wet and we got a little spray when speeders would pass us.

Gas stop at Boondocks, that's 150 miles from home.  Getting warm, change jackets, and other gear.  Begin hydration process.  

Since I planned the ride, we arrived before 11, nearly 10 minutes early.  We took our time walking in, and was surprised when my friend Tony brought his lovely wife Jodi to lunch. I have not seen Tony in 25  years.

Lunch was great, service was great, the food comes very quickly and the taste is great.  The sauce is great, I'm starting to feel like Tony the tiger.

We went back via state roads, county roads and a detour thru Ackley. Here's a list of things we saw.  Corn fields on one side of the road, then corn fields on the other side of the road.  Then corn fields on both sides of the road, followed by a bean field on one side and corn on the other.  Occasionally we'd see a hay field and once, (I know you won't believe this) we saw a sorghum field.  Road killed critters included coon, squirrel, and skunk.  There was a report of a wild turkey, I saw a bald eagle in a field, and we saw a few dumbasses. (all live)

Some highlights:  the little old lady at the Kum and Go in Ackley, the old feller in Zearing, and lunch.

We ended the ride with dinner at Tarsilla's in Stewartville, total mileage was 417, Terry should get credit for 600 or so.

ride leaders needed!
Posted: 8/25/2013

I'm sure you've seen the posts with the weekend dates and the plea for a ride leader to plan and lead a ride.  I really do need some more people to step up to be ride leaders...if everyone would just take one weekend out of the entire summer...JUST ONE!


Winter Party
Posted: 1/8/2013

We'll have our annual winter party on January 12 at the Stewartville Pizza Ranch.  This is an end of riding season celebration, a Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's party, all rolled out in pizza format, served up with coffee and a liberal dose of laughter.  (I hope)


All members, non members, and interested parties are welcome to attend.

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